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Dental Implants from only £1600 including the implant crown.

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Prio to dental implant treartment the front teeth appearance is unsatisfactory
Cosmetic dentistry using dental implants and dental veneers



Dental Implant Treatment with Nobel Biocare Dental Implants at our Implant Training Centre


As a dental implant training centre, we are able to provide dental implant treatment to patients on our dental implant training course at reduced fees.  We use genuine Nobel Biocare implants and you will receive the same high quality of treatment as at the normal fee rates, as part of your treatment costs are subsidised by the training fees paid by the dentists on our courses.


Nobel Biocare is one of the world's leading dental implant companies and has an outstanding reputation for innovation and quality.  We are proud to work in partnership with Nobel Biocare at our training centre.


How to get in touch with us about treatment?


If you would like to receive implant treatment on the training course, please call our helpful receptionist on 02920 220794 and ask for an implant consultation.  When you come for your consultation our implant dentist will listen to your dental concerns and carry out an examination of your mouth, discuss different treatment options and help you to decide whether dental implants will be suitable for you and your needs.  Most people are suitable for dental implant treatment, but sometimes certain medical conditions can make the likelihood of implant success lower.  In these cases, the implant dentist will help you to understand what the expected success rates in these circumstances may be.


How much does the implant treatment cost?


The cost of the initial implant consultation is £60 payable at the consultation appointment.  This includes taking small (inside the mouth) type x-ray pictures to assess the bone volume for implant placement.  Often, it is necessary to take a CT scan image ( a 3D computerised x-ray picture and computer model of the jaw bone) in order to accurately assess the jaw bone volume in three dimensions, as well us utilising sophisticated computer technology to plan the ideal position and size of the dental implant.  The cost of the CT scan image is £80, which is taken at a separate 'Planning Appointment'.


The cost of the dental implant itself, including the final implant tooth (or implant crown) is £1600, representing a significant cost reduction due to the course subsidy.  There may be some additional cost if you need a bone graft, but this is also subsidised on the training course.


We also often use 3D printed Surgical Guides, which are generated from the CT scan images using sophisticated implant planning software from Nobel Biocare.  These guides allow the implant to be placed through the surgical guide in a highly precise manner helping the surgeon to achieve the optimum position of the implant improving the success rate and safety of implant surgery. In some cases, this technique can be used to perform 'keyhole surgery' so avoidiing the need for stitches altogether and making the surgery time shorter, and the healing time faster.  The cost of these surgical guides is usually around £190 on the course.


What if I need lots of implants or even a full set of implant teeth?


We can still do your treatment on the training course in most cases because we also run Advanced Implant Training courses for experienced implant dentists who are training to provide more advanced implant treatments or learning the newest techniques and implant technology.  We are also able to provide discounted treatment options in these circumstances.


What if I don't want treatment on the training course?


That is no problem.  You can have your treatment done personally by Dr David Guy, who is an implant dentist of over fifteen years experience and has placed over one thousand implants.  Of course, the treatment fees are not subsidised by the training course so will be a little higher, but are still very competitive compared to average implant prices nationally.  We try to offer everybody two options without any pressure, either treatment personally by David Guy, or as part of the implant training courses, and the choice is entirely up to you.  You don't even have to decide at the consultation appointment, you can wait until after the planning session when you have a good idea of exactly what treatment is required and have had time to consider all the options in depth.


Who will be treating me on the training course?


If you are having your dental implants placed as part of the dental implant training courses, your treatment will be carried out jointly by Dr David Guy and a qualified dentist who is currently training to place dental implants.  The treatment sessions are carried out with one-to-one tuition from Dr Guy, who will be present during your treatment.





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Prio to dental implant treartment the front teeth appearance is unsatisfactory
Cosmetic dentistry using dental implants and dental veneers
Prio to dental implant treartment the front teeth appearance is unsatisfactory
Cosmetic dentistry using dental implants and dental veneers